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7 Most Scary Movie Trailers You Must Watch

You don’t need to watch the whole movie to get scared, these movie trailers will send some chills up your spine. It will surely create some sense of fear and panic on the viewers, carefully selected from a list of 2014 movies. Sit back and relax as you watch the most scary movie trailers (2014). It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a taste for vampires, blood sucking demons, cannibals, deranged killers, cults, serial killers or Children eaters, the 2014 scary slate has something for you. Here are 7 films in particular that you definitely won’t want to miss. You can see read how to watch free movie on these movie review websites published on Listabuzz.

7 Most Scary Movie Trailers you need to watch [2014]

1) Carrie

In the horror movie, Carrie, a sheltered high school girl unleashes her telekinetic powers on her peers. Carrie is a 2013 American supernatural horror film. It is the third film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel of the same name, though Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Screen Gems, who produced the film, employed a script that was reportedly more faithful to King’s original novel

2) All Cheerleaders Die Movie Trailer 

The movie is about a rebel girl who signed up a group of cheerleaders to help her take down the captain of their high school football team, but a supernatural turn of events thrusts the girls into a different battle.

3) Oculus Trailer [Horror Movie]

If you have ever asked yourself why people love horror movies, you would discover that the answer lies in feeling of delight stimulated by fear so if you are one of those that really enjoy such movies then Oculus is for you.  The movie is about a woman who tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.

4) In Fear Trailer 

Driving, lost and tormented in the night, primal fears of the dark and the unknown give way to fear that you have let the evil in, or that it is already there

5) The Caretaker  Movie Trailer

The movie is all about a wave of vampirism that sweeps the world, a small but discordant group hole up in a country mansion in Victoria, Australia. A vampire, who has also occupied the mansion, offers them a deal: if they protect him from humans during the day, he’ll protect them from other vampires at night

6) Devil’s Pass Trailer

Five young filmmakers retrace the steps of a doomed group of hikers in pursuit of an unsolvable mystery

7) Cassadaga Official Trailer 

A deaf woman who resurrects the ghost of a murdered young woman is forced by the spirit to a serial killer who turns his female victims into marionette dolls


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Top 5 Tallest People That Ever Lived

Its quite astonishing to see how tall people can get. It was just recently that studies started coming with reasons for the extra ordinarily tall men and women. Such conditions that can cause this extraordinary growth are, Pituitary gigantism, Sotos syndrome, Acromegaly, Marfan syndrome and eunuchoid tallness, the most common one is the Pituitary gigantism, this takes place  due to over-secretion of growth hormone from cells in the pituitary gland. Many of the world tallest people suffer from this condition. In a recent post published by, there was an extensive and interesting article on the the subject of tallness and it ended up with a comprehensive list of people that 6 feet was only the beginning. You can read a brief review here:

Let’s take a Look at 5 Tallest People That Ever Lived

1) Brahim Takioullah: 8 ft 1 in (2m 46cm)

He is currently the second tallest person living, born in Morroco in 1982, he is the number 10 in the world of tallest persons living. He was diagnosed of tumor which affected his pituitary gland. This growth challenge poses a very big problem to his day to day activities, for instance he can’t stand straight in his family house were he lives with his mum, he also finds it difficult to stay upright in a taxi, his shoes are also specially designed.

Brahim Takioullah

2) Don Koehler – 8 ft 2 in (2 m 49 cm)

His growth problem started  at the age of 10 when he started growing at an alarming rate. As a result of his height, Koehler had to bring together two double beds to enable him stay in his hotel rooms, and it had to be a room with high roof  to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling.  At the tail end of his life, he battled with kyphosis which curved his spine and reduced his stature. He later died as a result of a heart condition at the age of 55 in Chicago.

Don Koehler

3)  Sultan Kösen – 8 ft 3 in (2 m 51 cm)

He is the tallest living man in the world right now and the 6th tallest man in the world that ever lived. Just like the other cases, his abnormal growth was caused by a  tumour affecting his pituitary gland, this has been linked to acromegaly. This growth kicked off at the age of 10.  An attempt to halt the accelerated growth in 2008 hit the rocks, nevertheless it was stopped in 2012 by removing the tumour affecting his pituitary gland. He got married in 2013 according to the Guinness Book of Records

Sultan Kösen

4)  Väinö Myllyrinne – 8 ft 3 in (2 m 51 cm)

Vaino Myllyrinne was born in Helsinki city in  Finland. Myllyrinne had attained a height of 7 ft 3in at the age of 21. He witnessed a  second outrage  in growth in his 30s, and continued to grow until his death in 1963. During his service in the Finnish Defence Forces, he was regarded as the tallest soldier that ever lived. His abnormal growth was as a result of  acromegaly, which often leads to gigantism. He lived as the tallest man in the world from 1940 until his death at the age of 54.

Väinö Myllyrinne

5) Robert Wadlow – 8 ft 11 in (2 m 72 cm)

Robert Wadlow is from Illinois.” Having reached a height of 8 ft 11inches, he is on top of our list as the tallest known person to have ever lived. Robert wadlow was born  in Alton, Illinois in 1918, his ailment was as a result of  hypertrophy of the pituitary gland, which resulted to a massive production of the  human growth hormone.

This problem led to a constant height increase. At the age of 8, a special desk was constructed for him in school after his ailment rejected all manner of treatment for his hormonal imbalance. This also caused him difficulty in walking as he lacked sensation under his foot. On July 15, 1940 at the age of 22, he died while asleep,  suffering from an infection as a result of a blister he had on one of his faulty legs. You can watch a short video about him here

Robert Wadlow


Top 7 Most Weird Sports You’ve Never Come Across

These are not the kind of sports we are all familiar with, they are not common. They are quite strange and most of them are equally dangerous. Its not anything like most of the games you know like football, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, baseball etc. They are more than merely kicking a ball around. What you dont know is that there are many uncommon sports in the world that you dont have any hint about, nor have you heard about them. This article strictly contains a list of the sports in this category, hope you will enjoy it.

underwater rugby

Here are The Top 7 Most Weird  Sports You’ve Never Come Across

1) Wife Carrying Competition

This is a sport with only male competitors with each carrying a team mate at the back across an obstacle, while the team mate is hanging neck down across his shoulder. As the name implies, the team mate must be a female who must be either your wife or a friend. It also involves running through  a dry land and across water. The game is organised annually in Finland around early part of July. The prize  most times depends on the wife’s weight.

2) Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey also known as octopush, is a very popular kind of hockey game.  With the common hard hits and fights involved with playing hockey on the land, someone is now talking about playing the same hard game under the water, that sounds very dangerous, now increasing the risk in hockey with the fear of drowning. Players usually come up once in a while to get some air.

Underwater Hockey

3) Chess boxing

Seems like a combination of two great games, invented by a french artist and filmmaker named Enki Bilal. First organised in 2003 by Iepe Rubingh an artist from dutch in 2003. As the name implies, it is a game that alternates between the game of chess and boxing hence you must have skills in both games to be able to perform well in the game of chess boxing. The game usually lasts for eleven rounds, with four minutes in the chess round then two minute in the boxing round making it a total of 6 minutes for each round.

Chess boxing

4) Extreme Ironing

The idea behind this sport is that people that play this game take along with them an unplugged iron together with a wringled shirt  and an ironing board to some remote place that is extreme. They refer to themselves as ironists. They derive satisfaction by carrying out a smooth ironing of the wringled shirt in an extreme place, some of the extreme places they go ironing include underwater, extreme altitude, on top of vehicles,  hanging from a cliff, this sport is dangerous, dont try it at home.

Extreme Ironing

5) Zorbing

This involves rolling down hill inside an orb made out of a transparent plastic. Its more fun when its done on a slope, but most times, it can be done on a plain ground to give the rider some control.